“The thing about being vintage is that it never goes out of fashion.” ― Anthony T. Hincks

May that be cars, may be style; vintage has always been the talk of the town. So much has been discussed and said about it that we have forgotten the art of high quality production. It is thus natural for humans to incline towards authenticity, quality and rare understandings. As businesses, it is our job to revive the rare experiences through the worth of our products which the mankind would remember for generations to come.
With time we see ourselves going back in to unearth the unique discoveries from the past centuries. Interestingly, these findings are adding up in preservation of our heritage. The activism for heritage involves preservation of monuments, wildlife, ideas, culture, art, and most importantly food and recipes. Preservation of food and recipes hold a great importance as it becomes the means to carry forward the ancient taste, nutrition and good health giving an opportunity to the future generations to treat health and nutrition as real heritage.
“We want to possess what they’re not making any more, what not many others can get and what will distinguish us from others.”
― Gina Barreca
As Gina Barreca rightly says, we need to make things that are not made any more to revive the lost traditions and values in order to bring back the benefits of nature. Resvera with its innate ability to touch upon the lives of people in nutritious way makes a point to stand out by reviving the tradition of making fruits wines. The first to go down in our line is The Fruit of Gods - Jamun which provides numerous health benefits and keeps many diseases at bay. To know more follow our blog at Resvera.


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